Empowering HeArts

Video Bump once again lent their expertise to Single Mothers Outreach’s flagship event, Empowering HeArts Gala, marking our third consecutive year of collaboration. Held in Santa Clarita on February 10, 2023, this event holds great significance as it serves as a cornerstone for Single Mothers Outreach’s fundraising efforts. The brainchild of a conversation between the Executive Director and a Photographer in 2009, the gala became a platform where the stories of empowered women could be celebrated through word and art, garnering high visibility. The funds raised at this remarkable occasion play a vital role in supporting single-parent families by providing them with essential resources and services, ranging from food and clothing to therapy, money management classes, emergency housing, and more. Video Bump took charge of producing all the video content showcased throughout the event, delivering exceptional visual narratives. Additionally, we created a compelling video that could be shared by the artists, honorees, and performers with their loved ones, thereby extending the impact of the gala beyond its immediate audience. Through our outstanding contributions, Video Bump exemplified their dedication to supporting charitable endeavors and amplifying the voices of empowered women.

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