Love in the Time of COVID

We’re so thrilled to have provided the video production services for D’Wilfri DanceArt and Entertainment’s virtual event, “Love in the Time of COVID.” Traditionally, D’Wilfri would host a dance show and class around Valentine’s Day each year. However, with the pandemic disrupting in-person gatherings, Willy Arroyo and Ingrid Blanco, the visionary cofounders of D’Wilfri, made the proactive decision to transition to a virtual format. To bring their artistic vision to life, they entrusted Video Bump with the task of producing their event, and we were honored to take on the challenge. Our team captured breathtaking videos featuring captivating dances, including ballet, waltzes, and tangos. The shooting locations were carefully selected around Westfield’s Valencia Town Center in Santa Clarita, with one particularly fiery dance number filmed inside the vibrant Slater’s 50/50. The result was a collection of visually stunning and emotionally evocative performances. We were delighted to see hundreds of viewers tuning in to watch the event, embracing the opportunity to experience the magic of dance and partake in the online dance classes. It was a pleasure for Video Bump to be a part of D’Wilfri’s virtual event, contributing to the preservation of artistry and community engagement during these challenging times.

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